Here in the U.S., and across the globe, as we currently grapple the pandemic known as the coronavirus by staying home and as non-essential businesses are shut down to flatten the curve, there is still more –this time from Mother Nature – that we will need to keep on our radar.

As if it wasn’t already enough dealing with the heaviness of high infection counts and lives lost to COVID-19,  recent headlines have also said the Atlantic Hurricane season is going to be a very active one with more than usual storm action.

Highly Active 2020 Hurricane Season

The season, which runs from June 1 through November 30 will make its debut just after we begin to return to work and start to bring some of our normal routines back into the picture. Governor Ned Lamont’s latest update calls for school openings and businesses reopening hopefully by May 20.

Forecasters predict there will be 16 total storms (eight hurricanes with four being major category three or higher hurricanes).

The best thing you can do now as early preparation for these upcoming storms is getting a generator. Having to be home without power isn’t fun. There’s time now to make an action plan should the predictions come to pass. You want to keep your family safe and comfortable, invest in a generator for your home.

Invest in a Generator

A standby generator will automatically come on when the power is knocked out in the middle of a storm or other catastrophe and can be reassuring until first responders or other emergency crews can make their way to a devastated area. A generator isn’t just going to help you remain comfortable, it can also save your property.

Generators are available in different sizes – if you want to get the full house up and running or just want the essentials to have power. Instead of a standby generator, you also have the option of purchasing a portable one. Whichever option you choose, you’ll save valuable resources and frustration and your response time during an already scary situation will make the investment in your generator worth it.

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