flash of lightning

Standby generators are simply amazing. Whenever a power outage happens, it just automatically kicks on. This, of course, is the major benefit to owning one over a backup generator: by contrast, backup generators need to be started manually. If you’re casually shopping for a generator, then you may not have considered the different emergency scenarios that they could be used for.  Here’s 3 that you should be mindful of…

Major Snow Storms

Getting snowed in can be fun–as long as you have power, that is! When the snow hits and the lights go out, you’ll have to consider how long the food in the refrigerator will be good for, whether the pipes will freeze, and if you can still stay sane without access to the internet. Thankfully, when you have a standby generator, you can easily let go of all of those worries. If maintained well, your standby generator will restore power as fast as it went out.

Thunder Storms

Cats and dogs hate the sound of thunder and lightning. Humans hate when those storms shut their power off. Like snowstorms, thunderstorms can wreak havoc: they can bring down power lines, electrocute people, and start floods. To survive these situations, it’s best to have access to power. Again, the standby generator shines here. With a standby generator, you don’t have to worry about braving those howling winds and flooded streets–just sit back and wait for the lights to kick on again.

Construction & Car Accidents

Have you ever heard of people driving their cars into telephone poles? Well, it happens more often than you might think. In addition, not all construction projects go perfectly all the time. Sometimes power needs to be cut for safety and logistical reasons. In both situations, you’ll be without power for varying lengths of time. The solution? You guessed it–the standby generator! There’s no reason why any of these instances should interrupt your life. With a standby generator, you won’t have to feel the repercussions at all. 

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