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Backup generators are an absolute necessity to home and business owners. Why? Because you never know when disaster might strike. Whether it’s a growling thunder storm, a tornado, or just general damage to your local power lines, you never know what could happen. With a backup generator, you get a guaranteed piece of mind–as long as you operate it correctly, that is. It doesn’t matter if you just installed your first generator, or you’ve had one for awhile–if you’ve never operated one before, then you should pay attention to these operating tips.

Always Run Generators Outside 

Never run generators in enclosed areas. Since carbon monoxide is the biggest danger associated with improper generator use, you want to make sure that your generator is always at least 15 feet away from doors, windows, and vents. Simply opening doors and windows will not prevent the buildup of this deadly gas. Remember: if you feel dizzy or weak while operating a backup generator, step away from it immediately. 

Don’t Run a Generator Without a Transfer Switch

Transfer switches are required by the National Electric Code–and for good reason: transfer switches ensure that the power to your home only comes from the generator, not the utility’s power lines. Not using a transfer switch can cause electrical current to back feed, which can be deadly for utility workers and neighbors.

Never Operate It In Rain or Snow

Most people know that water and electricity is a deadly combination. Generators are no exception to this fact. To use it safely, generators must be grounded. If you try to run it while it’s raining, snowing, or hailing, you could easily get electrocuted.

Don’t Refuel When It’s Hot

Before refueling your generator, turn it off and give it time to cool down. If you make the mistake of letting fuel hit the surface of a hot generator, a fire can ensue. 

Have Questions about How to Safely Operate Your Generator? Give us a Call!

Here at CT Generator Service, we want everyone to practice proper generator safety. If you’re worried that you might endanger yourself by operating your generator, then give us a call–we’d be happy to help you.