Whether you own a standby generator or a portable (backup) generator, you’ve probably heard how essential regular maintenance is to its longevity. Well, it’s true: generator maintenance is important. Generators, like all engines, need to be inspected for issues often. If they aren’t inspected on at least an annual basis, they may not work when you need them most. Obviously you want your generator to work when there’s an outage; but aside from that, you’ll gain 4 key benefits:

Increased Efficiency

As important as generators are during emergency situations, they still draw a fair amount of power, which can impact your monthly utility bills. If you want to keep costs as low as possible, then regular maintenance is critical. An experienced technician will perform scheduled tune-ups designed to keep your generator in optimal condition. 

A Longer Life Span

Your generator should be considered an investment. To ensure that the investment benefits you for many years, you must do your part and have it serviced regularly. Modern generators can last for 10 – 40 years, depending on usage frequency, and of course–how well it’s maintained. 

A Valid Warranty

If you’ve ever had something replaced that was under warranty, then you know how helpful they can be. In order to uphold your warranty, most suppliers require that you perform scheduled maintenance tasks; otherwise your claim could be denied for failure to upkeep your generator properly. 

Protection From Carbon Monoxide 

If your generator isn’t properly maintained on a regular basis, it could be producing carbon monoxide–an odorless, poisonous gas that can be fatal when inhaled. If you weren’t convinced before, we hope you are now. During an annual maintenance check, generator techs will inspect filters, gauges, and detectors to ensure that carbon monoxide isn’t being produced. 

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