Winter in Connecticut is unpredictable. The season, which lasts from December through February sometimes comes with a fair share of frigid winter temps and lots of snow accumulation. Other times, residents of the state have gone as far as Christmas day with mild enough temps to only need a light jacket.

One thing homeowners can be sure of though – is sooner or later, a storm will pass through the state – and it always leaves its mark.

The best way to be prepared for whatever Mother Nature has in store for the 2019/2020 winter season is to have a back-up plan in place. One that keeps your home comfortably warm and lets your loved ones enjoy the modern technologies they’ve become dependent on for both work and play.

This kind of security can only come with a generator that is ready to provide support when you need it most. Here at CT Generator Service, we understand how critical back-up power supply can be for many and want to point out some of the key reasons you should consider investing in this option as a homeowner in Connecticut before the winter storms come crashing in.

Get Electrical Protection

When the temperatures are very cold for an extended period of time, your entire home will be working hard to stay warm. From the insulation in the walls to the electrical wiring – everything is working in overdrive to keep delivering reliable energy. When you have a generator to back-up your electrical system though, you don’t have to worry about excessive stress on the system and the overload doesn’t have to get to the point that it maxes out and eventually stops working altogether.

Ongoing Energy Efficiency

The other thing to remember if you’re interested in keeping your home energy efficient is how much your HVAC system will struggle and your utility bills will increase as they try to combat the frigid temps. With power backup during cold weather bouts, you don’t have to worry about temps dropping so low and your heating system working extra hard to catch up once things are up and running.

Stay Safe During Extended Outages

If you have family members who rely on connected medical devices, you’ll need electrical support to keep them active during an outage. Remember too that sometimes these outages can last for many days. Have the peace of mind knowing your food won’t spoil in the freezer and that your plumbing won’t seize up from the cold.

Our fully licensed and insured staff can install standby generator systems in as little as six hours. We are proud to be the best multi-location dealership in Connecticut providing a high level of customer service and satisfaction for your home or commercial electrical needs. Contact Us Today!