Losing power in Connecticut during a snowstorm is the worst! It’s times like these you wish you had installed a backup generator. Let’s discuss the benefits of a standby generator.

Standby generators are a backup power source, which are usually connected to a home’s electrical system. These generators are typically permanently placed on a concrete slab adjacent to the house. The standby generator uses an outside power source, such as a propane tank or natural gas, to automatically power your home during an outage. The generator is also hooked up to a transfer switch. It activates once it detects a service disconnection.

Automatic Standby Generator in Jupiter, Florida


1.) Even during a severe storm you can enjoy days of uninterrupted power service.

2.) Keep your food from spoiling. One of the biggest problems with losing power is making sure the food in your refrigerator doesn’t go bad. Installing a standby generator in Jupiter will keep your refrigerator cold and powered during an outage so you don’t have to worry about eating the cost of your ruined groceries.

3.) Residents can rest easy knowing they will have continued use of their electric-powered medical equipment. Many homeowners, or their loved ones, rely on home-powered medical machines, and without a standby generator, a power outage could be devastating.

More Benefits

4.) You can continue to use your water and electrical appliances as normal. If you have ever lived in a home without a standby generator, then you may already be aware of the limitations surrounding water usage. Without a standby generator you cannot take a shower, drink a glass of tap water or even flush the toilet! Equally, you cannot use any electronic appliances meaning your diet has shifted to chips and cold soup until you get power back – yikes!

5.) Installing a standby generator provides protection against power surges and electrical fires that can happen when power returns.

5.) Remain calm and comfortable during a man-made or natural disaster.

6.) A standby generator guarantees the safe operation of your home for you throughout a storm. Or blackout or other dangerous event.

While the generator installation cost may seem high, it helps prevent treacherous repair fees in the future. Experiencing an electrical fire or pipe burst due to an outage can rack up a much heftier bill. Than any generator. Investing in a standby generator can protect you, your loved ones, your home and your bank account from costly and unexpected accidents.

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