If you have a trailer and enjoy life on the road, chances are you stop when you can in places with access to power. But what happens when this just isn’t possible, or you’d like to see a bit of the country off the beaten path? The answer is a great portable generator.

What Kind of Generator Do I Need?

Not all generators are going to be suitable for use in an RV. To get the most use out of your generator, it’s recommended that you seek an inverter portable generator that will allow you to use your RV appliances and electronics, particularly high energy consumption devices such as an air conditioner.

An inverter generator doesn’t directly generate AC power like a non-inverter generator. Instead, the engine spins a generator that produces 12-volt DC power and (here’s where it gets a bit technical) then uses a pure sine wave inverter to convert to AC power. As a result, an inverter generator is lighter, smaller and much quieter than a typical generator, as well as being more fuel-efficient.

How Big Should the Generator Be?

The size of the generator will depend on what you plan on using it for. If you plan to run only a few basic RV appliances and charge some personal electronics, then a 2,000 to 3,000-watt generator will suit your needs. If your power consumption needs are greater than this – and you can determine them by making a checklist of the appliances and devices you’re likely to be running and how much power they use – you’ll need a generator capable of producing 3,000 watts or more.

What Other Considerations Are There?

Generators can be heavy, so if you need to move it, consider the weight of any unit you buy and ensure it’s not beyond your muscle power. Also consider its external size and where you plan to store it, and how robust of a warranty you want.

Consult with an Expert

To ensure that you’re purchasing the right generator for your trailer or RV, consult with a professional generator contractor. In Connecticut, CT Generator Service, a division of L-Train Electric, provides generator sales and maintenance, as well as 24-hour-per-day service.

From Northern Connecticut to the Connecticut shoreline, CT Generator provides peace-of-mind to generator owners looking for an option that is reliable, safe and trusted. Call us at 860-343-1797 or visit our web site for more information.