A question that all generator owners/operators should ask themselves is “generator service: how often & what needs to be done?” It’s very important to make sure your generator is serviced regularly to prevent generator failure problems down the road. However, a lot of problems will occur if not kept up with properly. Scheduling regular generator servicing will help your generator for years to come. Also, keep your mind, family, and home healthy and protected.

Generator Service Needs

Following a few basic guidelines will make scheduling generator servicing a breeze. Also generators that run frequently will require service more often than backup generators that are rarely in use. Also, no matter the amount of usage, however, all generators require basic maintenance, including:

  • Clean Generator: Check for leaks annually.
  • Change Oil: Change oil every 50-60 hours of use to improve reliability.
  • Replace Oil Filter: Replace whenever the oil is changed
  • Change Air Filter: Change annually
  • Change Spark Plugs: Change after roughly every 100 hours of use.
  • Check Battery: Battery power level should be checked as well as the battery’s general status. Make sure there is no corrosion visible on the battery or its connections.

The generator’s manual should include recommendations on how often servicing should occur for that specific model. Also, be sure to reach out for any comments, questions, or concerns.

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