Even as we face a new pandemic here in Connecticut and across the globe, there are still weather concerns that also loom. They are important to keep watch for because they can have catastrophic impacts.

Each year, from June 1- November 30 the Atlantic Hurricane Season arrives and packs an unpredictable punch.

Damage in many areas across the state is typically a result of these storms coming through. Typically want follows can be periods of electricity outages, downed power lines and unpredictable handle times as cleanup is underway.

While everyone works to recover losses and rebuild the last thing you want to be worrying about is how to take a hot shower or keep your family comfortable.

Invest in a generator as a disaster preparedness measure and so you can work quickly on recovery.

Rising sea levels in Long Island Sound mean surges and coastal flooding are going to keep happening in our state. According to FEMA, the best thing you can do is prepare I advance for a “worst-case” scenario. This won’t just keep your family comfortable but can also keep first responders safe and less the disruption.

Here are some tips for planning in advance.

Decide who is included in your safety action plans. Be sure to account for any family, pet or others you want to care for during an emergency situation. These please should include details on where everyone will go and stay for safety.

In addition to safe shelter, you’ll need to make a list of necessities and conveniences you’d like to have readily available in the event of a disaster. Things like non-perishable foods, blankets, batteries, flashlights, and even important documents should have a place in your emergency plans.

One of the major ways to keep a normalized environment during a storm when you lose power is with a generator. These are typically added outside your home and act as a backup to help homeowners prepare and safeguard their property.

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