The prioritization of energy utilization is a must when it comes to a generator. You can then choose what are the most critical components and then make a list of the expected watt consumption for each. The total wattage should be half the limit of the peak capacity of the generator. Doing this will allow for situations when there is a temporary increase in power demands. Here’s how to choose a generator before your next emergency…

How to calculate the power requirements needed for your generator before the next emergency-

To calculate the power requirements, it is necessary to acknowledge the watts that every household item in your house utilizes. The wattage is a numeric figure that evaluates the watts per hour of any electrical equipment.

The power drawn is recorded in amps and volts. The formula shown below is used to find the number of watts, given that we already know the current and voltage drawn by the equipment-

Watt or Power = Current (amps) * Voltage (volts)

For instance, if an equipment uses 5 amps of current and 110 volts of voltage, Watts= 5*110 = 550

Types of Generators-

Once you know how much power will be required for your crisis situation, you can make an informed decision on what sort of generator will be the most appropriate.

The 2 types of generators for household use are-

Home standby- If there is a power failure, these generators are directly kicked on as they are connected directly to the electrical board.

Portable- these are the most affordable generators and they also have the advantage of being mobile to move around easily.

Desirable features of a generator-

Electric start- This enables the user to easily start a generator without having to put any effort in the pull start engine.

Low oil shut off- A generator running with low oil or no oil at all may face a mechanical failure. Low oil shut off shuts down the generator before such a situation is reached thereby preventing any engine damage.

Multiple outlets- this allows power cords to be run in various locations when there is a need. Multiple outlets are also helpful as they reduce the load on the generators.

Fuel gauge- Fuel gauge easily lets you know the amount of fuel in the tank without having to check the generator every time you feel like there is a shortage of fuel.

Automatic start- This category of generators are automatically turned on when there is a power outage.

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