After a storm, power restoration can be prolonged due to a number of factors like blown fuses, downed power lines, and even structural damage at power plants. For businesses and homes that are providing the bare necessities like food, water, ice, gas, and shelter in the aftermath of a storm, they have to be prepared to run their generators for an extended amount of time to power the recovery efforts. For those facilities that can’t afford downtime while utility power is restored, they need to have a plan in place to keep their standby power on for days and maybe even weeks. Here’s How to Keep Your Generator Running After Hurricane Henri.

For generators to run continuously for that long, they will require maintenance after every 50-60 hours of runtime. That’s just a little over 2 days! During the aftermath of a storm, utility power could be out for a week. This is where issues can arise. What do you do when your generator needs maintenance but you still need to power your home?

One could suggest that you have a second portable generator on hand for when the other needs maintenance.

So what options are there for your facility that needs power at all times even when your primary generator needs maintenance? The smarter and less stressful route is to call CT Generator Service for maintenance. Having two generators might keep you at ease (one portable and one standby).

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