Residential generators are an awesome addition to any home in the Connecticut area. They provide a measure of safety, ensure the dependability of your home’s electricity and HVAC system, and act as reassurance no matter what mother nature throws your way. But fall is here, and the chill of winter is not far behind. Is your generator ready to take on the coming fall season?

Which is why today we’re going to help you with some important tips on keeping your generator up to snuff!

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Generator Maintenance: Why It’s Important

An important thing to keep in mind about home generators is that (ideally) they spend most of their time doing pretty much nothing until a time comes when they are needed. Think about leaving a car sitting for three, four, five months and then starting it up. Odds are, you’ll encounter a problem or two with that. Machines don’t like to sit idly, and when they do, they tend to accumulate dust, and oils and lubricants begin to break down.

Also if you plan on having a reliable home generator come this winter, you need to be sure you’re taking the proper steps to keep it in top shape!

Generator Maintenance: What You Need to Do

  • Keep it properly fueled. Fuel should never be left standing in your generator for extended periods of time without the use of a fuel stabilizer. If you aren’t using stabilizers, be sure to look into them right away, or simply drain the existing fuel from your generator and replace it with fresh fuel.
  • Clean your generator. Keeping your machines free of dust and debris ensures they encounter far fewer risks of a breakdown, and ensures they’re ready to operate. Cleaning can be done with a stiff brush and a cloth.
  • Replace your spark plugs. Plugs can last for years, but they’re a bit finicky, and can often wear down for no discernable reason. Moreover, generator spark plugs are quite inexpensive, and the surety that you’ve got fresh plugs is well worth the minor price tag.
  • Check oil and lubricants. 
  • Do a visual inspection. Check for signs of corrosion, wear, damage like cracks or denting, and damage to wires and plug connections. Also if you spot a problem, seek out generator repair immediately!
  • Seek professional service. A full, professional maintenance check for your generator on an annual basis ensures you will always have an operable and top-shape system.

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