With the current power outage situations in Connecticut it would be a great time to properly invest in reliable electricity more than ever. Especially with remote work, family entertainment, and connection to the outside world now require reliable 24/7 home electricity.

That means it’s time to ensure that your standby generator is in good condition and ready to go when you need it most. So let’s check to see if your home generator is blackout ready.

Monthly Recommendations for Generator Owners

  1. Verify Weekly Self-Testing – Most standby generators should perform a self-test every week. If yours isn’t doing so, set it to auto-mode.
  2. Check Alarm or Warning Buttons – If any alarm or warning buttons are flashing on the dashboard, call your generator service.
  3. Keep Enclosure and Surroundings Clean and Clear of Debris – You want easy access to your generator and its main parts at all times — and no tiny creatures making their homes under its enclosure.
  4. Maintain Oil and Coolant Levels – Your generator oil and coolant tanks will each have a recommended line. If either fluid is below that line, slowly fill the tank to the recommended line.If your existing oil is dirty, schedule a visit with CT Generator Service.
  5. Air Filter Check – If your generator’s air filter is dusty or clogged up, replace it.
  6. Spark Plug Check – If your spark plug is rusty, replace it.
  7. Check Batteries and Wiring – Call your technician if you see any loose wires or corrosion.
  8. Let Generator Cool after 48 Hours of Use – This will avoid any risk of overheating.
  9. Have Your Generator Serviced Every 6 Months – If it’s been longer than six months, have your generator checked & serviced as soon as possible.

Is Your Generator Blackout Ready?
Thinking About a Backup Generator?

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