Maintenance kit are considered a necessity when owning a Generac generator. Here’s some frequently asked questions;

Why do I need a maintenance kit for my generator?

All standby and portable generator owners need a Generac maintenance kit because it’s important to keep up with a regular maintenance schedule. Just like with a car or lawn mower, failure to complete regular maintenance can void your warranty. Doing what you can to ensure your unit works properly will give you peace of mind knowing it will work when it’s supposed to. You’ll be protecting your investment with genuine Generac parts. Lack of maintenance shortens the lifespan of your generator, and no one wants that.

What parts are included in the maintenance kit?

Every maintenance kit includes an air filter, oil filter, funnel and chamois for changing the oil, 2 quarts of synthetic oil, and spark plugs.

How often do I need to maintain my generator?

If you refer to your owner’s manual, there will be a generator maintenance schedule in it to tell you how often you need to perform maintenance. Most generators require maintenance once per year.

Are there any safety precautions I should take when performing maintenance on my generator?

While we know you will use common sense and be safe, there are a few tips to keep in mind that will ensure your safety when maintaining your generator.

First, run the generator for a cool-down period of one minute. After that, turn the main line circuit breaker and utility disconnect off. You can also remove the fuse as an extra precaution. Be sure to restart the generator when you are finished.

Be sure to wipe away any drips of old or new oil when you are finished changing the oil.

If you have a diesel-powered generator, turn it off and let it cool before refueling. This ensures that hot gasoline will not spill on the engine parts or burn your skin.

Keep children and pets away from you and the generator while you are performing maintenance, just in case.

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