Generators use several different types of fuel to provide backup power. If you’re trying to also decide on a generator, you may have narrowed it down to natural gas or gasoline. To help you decide, we’ve put together a quick guide on these generators to see which one is better suited for your home.

What is a Natural Gas Generator?

Natural gas generators use natural gas to create electricity. They work similarly to gas generators, but these generators use gas fuel instead of liquid. To create electricity in a natural gas generator, a mixture of fuel and air is inserted into a combustion chamber, where a piston compresses it. A spark plug ignites the fuel by forcing the piston down and turning the crankshaft.

What is a Gasoline Generator?

In a gasoline generator, fuel and air are mixed in a carburetor before compression occurs. Requiring little maintenance, they are more affordable than a diesel or oil generator. Due to wide availability, gasoline is also a fairly attainable fuel source. Gasoline generators are also more portable.

Pros Of Natural Gas

Reduce Environmental Footprint 

Natural gas is an excellent choice for property owners looking to reduce their environmental footprint.


Not only is natural gas affordable, but it can reduce energy costs when used to power homes and businesses. Natural gas is consistently available and isn’t affected by spikes in price.

Cons Of Natural Gas

Disrupted Supply

One of the positives of natural gas can turn into a negative. While a constant supply of natural gas is convenient, this supply can be disrupted if there is a natural disaster, leaving you without power when you need it the most.

Extremely Explosive

Natural gas is extremely explosive and can be a serious fire hazard if the pipeline bursts. Also protect your family.

Pros Of Gasoline


Most portable generators also use gasoline. You can take your generator wherever you need it, also whether it’s at home or on a camping trip with the family.

Cons Of Gasoline


Although gasoline is more portable, it can be expensive to accumulate high volumes. The pricing of gasoline is subject to frequent change, as international affairs directly influence its price. The price may skyrocket overnight, making it difficult for owners of gasoline generators to purchase it in abundance.

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