Anyone who has ever had to deal with a power outage can appreciate the value of having a whole-house generator. With the increasing number of storms hitting Connecticut every year, now might be the time to make life easier for you and your loved ones.

It Keeps You Protected During a Storm

Home generators are permanently installed to your home and are constantly monitoring the connection to the main utility power source. Because of this, your whole-house generator will immediately detect the loss of electricity in your house and turn on as a result. This is much different from a portable generator, which requires you to venture outside to start it manually, regardless of how dangerous the outdoors maybe. Also, home security systems are powered by whole-house generators, as is your home’s lighting, and there’s no surprise that burglaries increase during power outages.

It helps you avoid flood damages

Is your home constantly threatened by flooding? A whole-house generator will keep your home safe from unexpected power outages. Which will make sure your sump pump continues to do its job.

It keeps appliances running

There’s nothing worse than feeling powerless during a storm. You’ll never have to panic again with CT Generator Service!

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