If you’ve ever been without power for a significant amount of time, it can be quite debilitating. And shopping at a business that hasn’t yet recovered from a power outage can hurt sales and put a damper on the shopping experience. Keep your business up and running with a handy commercial propane generator. Are you on the hunt for a generator for your business in Connecticut? Are you looking to repair the one that is standing now? Call CT Generator Service today!

Constant Comfort

Luckily, generators can also provide this comfort for you, your employees, and customers in the wake of a storm.

Product Protection

A business generator is designed to keep your business going even when the rest of the street is still out of power. Restaurants, hotels, and hospitals are examples of businesses that know that they rely on generators to keep their equipment and supplies running. You are able to receive emails, fax, and access the internet at your convenience. Your generator is always there when you need it and will activate when power is down. Once power has been restored, the generator will shut down.


A power outage affects more than just the electrical aspects of your business. Safety equipment and critical systems that you rely on will be able to function throughout the power outage. You can rely on a generator to power the safety supplies and appliances that you need.

Your Customers Also Rely on You

Lastly, your customers are relying on your services or products. Also, hotels, supermarkets, and hospitals use generators to meet their customer’s needs. No matter the type of business you have, your customers will want to stock up on supplies or grab a week’s worth of cooked meals in the event their power hasn’t been restored.

Finding the Right Size Generator for your Business

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