fallHellooooo August! With the fall & winter weather approaching, it is important that you are preparing your generator for the colder climate. A generator is a great thing to have because it serves as an extra source of energy for your home. Having this backup ensures that you will not have to worry about losing power.

Fall is the best time to start running maintenance checks on your backup generator to make sure it is running at its best. Below freezing weather and snow can make it harder to start and run the generator so preparing your generator now is a great idea.


Keeping the area around your generator clear and clean is always important. You should remove all the leaves and dead grass from around the generator, clear out any debris in the vents, etc. Proper air flow is essential for the generator because it prevents it from overheating.

Replace Oil, Filters, and Plugs

Since the weather is still bearable to be outside in, now is a great time to replace any fuel, oil, filters, and plugs that need maintenance. This is especially important if you keep your generator running in the summer as well. You will not want to have to go out in the freezing air and wind to change plugs, oil, etc.!

For more tips on generator maintenance during the fall and winter months, please refer to our blog often!


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