A boat generator can provide power to keep the heater, electronics, and appliances running, even if the main engines are turned off. If you decide to get a generator, it’s important to choose one that is an appropriate size and to maintain it properly.

How to Select a Boat Generator

You need to choose a generator that is the right size to provide the amount of electricity you will need. You don’t want to overburden a small generator by trying to run more appliances than it can handle, but you don’t want to use a generator that supplies a lot more power than you need since that could cause problems, too.

Figure out how much energy you will need to operate appliances on your boat. Each appliance should have a watt rating listed on a UL plate or in the owner’s manual. That number indicates how much current the appliance draws.

Write down all the watt ratings and figure out which appliances you would be likely to use at the same time. Add up their watt ratings to calculate the amount of energy the generator would need to be able to supply. Then choose a generator that can provide a little more power than that. Be sure to buy a generator that uses the same type of fuel as your boat’s main engines.

How to Keep Your Generator Running Smoothly

Even though you may be able to install a generator yourself, that is probably not a good idea. Professionals who have training and experience installing a specific model can ensure that it is done safely and in accordance with electrical codes to prevent safety hazards.

A boat generator that is well maintained may work for years without any problems. If you use your generator frequently during boating season, that can keep it in good working condition. In the offseason, you should start the generator periodically to keep the moving parts lubricated.

During boating season, inspect essential components, such as the alternator/water pump belt, and check the oil and coolant levels every day. When you set out on the water, make sure you have fuel, coolant, and spare belts, and fuel and oil filters. Follow the maintenance schedule that is appropriate for your generator’s model and make any necessary repairs.

Get Professional Help with a Boat Generator

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