The generator is one part of the home that is easily forgotten until a power outage or natural disaster strikes. You do not want to realize you need a generator repair when you need it the most. And thinking about Connecticut and it’s four seasons, do you know if you’re ready for a repair? Besides performing routine maintenance on your home’s generator, if you notice any of these signs it might be time for a generator repair.

Signs It’s Time For a Generator Repair!


If you suspect it might be time to have your generator repaired the first thing you should do is make sure it is still in sound physical condition. Make sure there are no dents, loose pieces, scratches, debris or any other damages to the exterior of the generator.


You don’t want to realize your generator is working at half speed or that its battery is dead when you’re in the middle of a power outage. Turning your generator on every once in awhile to make sure it does in fact still turn on, will prepare your home for any unforeseen outages. You will also want to test your generator’s high voltage battery every so often to make sure it still has some charge left.


A main source of generator issues can be damaged or worn electrical components. When you check the exterior of your generator for any damages or issues, make sure to pay close attention to any electrical elements such as wires, buttons or connectors. It is important to make sure the generator is turned off and exercise caution when inspecting any electrical mechanisms. If during your inspection you notice any frayed wires, sticking or missing buttons, loose connectors or overheating, it’s time to call a generator repair company. Leaving electrical issues unattended can leave your generator vulnerable to water damage and costly replacement fees.


All generators require some form of fuel and coolant liquid to ensure it works properly. If you notice any leaking coming from your generator, it is usually sign there is a problem. During your initial inspection, look for any pools of oil, fuel or coolant around the base of your generator. Equally, you will want to take a look at the storage pan. Also look at the hose and line as typical wear and tear can spring a leak. If and when you notice moisture buildup around your generator you will want to schedule an inspection.


Fortunately for many homeowners, advances in technology have brought about the invention of self-testing generators. These self-testing generators have an internal diagnostic system that will alert you if there is an issue or something is not working properly. If your home does not already have a self-testing generator you might want to invest in one as catching problems early is the best way to ensure your generator’s lifespan and avoid expensive repairs.

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