Generators are supposed to be THE backup plan. You don’t want a flimsy generator that only works sometimes. Here are some signs your generator needs repair that can be vital for any generator owner.

Electrical Problems

There are many electrical components within your generator. From wires to buttons, these elements can be worn down after a long period of time. Frayed wires, loose connectors, and buttons that are either falling out or getting stuck can all lead to the breakdown of your generator. Not to mention, mixing these problems with the fuel of a generator can quickly become a fire hazard.


If your generator is older, chances are there could be a leak forming somewhere in the system. Leaks can be found in hoses, lines, or even storage pans. Leaks are generally rough when they appear in a generator, since the materials leaking are either oil, fuel, or coolant which are all pretty nasty things to have leaking on your property. Without oil or the type of fuel your generator runs on, it’s going to fail pretty regularly and also waste your money. Without coolant, the engine will constantly overheat which will not only shut down your generator, but quickly lead to a breakdown.

Startup Troubles

Generators can sit idly for long periods of time. While on the surface, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. However, sitting idly with no usage can drain the battery and eventually damage other parts of the system internally. You’ll notice this is the case when trying to start your generator up again and it’s having issues. If the system won’t start up at all, is stuttering trying to stay on, or is shutting off prematurely and requiring a restart. These could all be clues that there is something wrong with the battery or an internal component.

Basically, if any of these problems apply to your generator, you’re going to want to schedule some repairs as soon as possible. Generators are one of those things that should work without worry. You can worry about other, more important things when the power goes out.

These are signs your generator needs repair. Call us today to find out more 860.343.1791!


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