Winter is fast approaching, and it’s likely that Connecticut will experience several storms with bone-chilling temperatures, heavy snow, ice, and fierce winds. Conditions like that frequently cause widespread power outages, and it can take days for utility crews to make repairs. A generator can keep your home warm and keep your appliances running, provided it’s in good working order. If you have a generator, check it now for signs of problems so you can have any necessary repairs completed before winter gets here.

Common Generator Problems

An electrical problem can cause a generator to fail to start and can also create a fire hazard. Inspect the electrical components of your generator, including wires, connectors, and buttons, for signs of damage. Check the battery’s voltage and make sure it doesn’t overload. If you see any signs of a problem, have the generator serviced as soon as possible.

Check for leaks of any kind, such as oil, fuel, or coolant. The older a generator is, the more likely it is to have a leak.

Turn on your generator every few months to make sure it starts and let it run for at least 15 minutes to see if there are any problems. It should start up easily. If it doesn’t, have it inspected and repaired by a professional. If a generator sits idle for a long period of time, that can drain the battery and damage engine components.

If you have a portable generator and don’t cycle out the fuel, it can gum up the internal mechanisms and make the generator unable to start, even if you replace the fuel. If your whole-house generator won’t start, there could be a problem related to the gas line or the electrical system or a dead battery.

If the generator starts but keeps stopping after running for just a few minutes, there could be too little fuel, or the fuel may have gone bad. There could also be a battery or electrical problem or a blocked line, or the generator may keep shutting down because it’s overheating, which could indicate that there is a coolant leak or another problem.

Schedule a Generator Inspection

CT Generator Service has a team of factory-trained and certified technicians who can come to your home to diagnose and repair problems with your generator. If you suspect an issue, have your generator inspected now so you won’t get stuck in the cold this winter. Contact us today to schedule an inspection.