In order for your whole house generator to function reliably, it is crucial to follow these tips to prepare your home standby generator for the winter. If your generator is covered in snow or debris, like fallen leaves, there is a good chance it will overheat and not work properly. In fact, not doing so can lead to permanent standby generator damage and significant system failure.

When you are cleaning your yard after the fall or shoveling during the winter, pay special attention to the area around your generator. Remove anything that could clog up the intake and exhaust vents (the vents on both sides of the generator). Additionally, ensure there is a pathway cleared for easy access.

A clear path is important not only for functionally, but for any professional maintenance you may need. Our expert generator technicians require a clear area to access your unit when performing repairs and emergency service.


When a portable generator is under-utilized throughout the year, it can collect material deposits within it. After a year of sitting in waiting, the fuel in your portable can get gum-like and create significant damage for your standby generator.

We suggest that you drain your portable generator of fuel annually or stabilize the supply to prevent permanent damage.

A fuel stabilizer is a liquid solution that prevents the fluid in your unit from becoming stale or debased by keeping it fresh for up to a year. Also referred to as ‘polishing’ your fuel, this process removes harmful contaminants and overall guarantees optimal generator performance when you need it most.

Don’t wait for the weather to get cold or for your fuel levels to near empty to take action. Request a service visit from our maintenance team today to professionally assess your fuel levels and quality.


If you have installed a home standby generator with L-Train and maintained by CT Generator Service, it should automatically turn on once a week to test itself. This process is important to keep track of so you can be alerted whenever your home standby generator needs maintenance attention. Make note of that time so you can listen for it and make sure it is working as it should.

If you don’t hear it run, please call us so we can schedule a time to come survey your unit and address any issues.


A remote monitoring accessory is a smart investment for your home if you have a whole house standby generator. These applications allow you to check the status of your generator’s maintenance, from oil levels to when it last ran for exercise.

5. Trust the Experts

You’ve already taken the first step to protecting your family and home with your standby generator. Although maintaining the unit year-round can be a headache, regular maintenance service is key to keeping your generator in top-notch shape.

CT Generator Service has been serving our customers for over 30 years. Our maintenance teams are there for you to ensure that your system is ready for the winter.

If you need help preparing your home standby generator for the winter or want to talk about our Remote Monitoring Accessories, contact us! We’re happy to help.

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