With summer storm season behind us, a generator is a sound investment to protect you and your home. Similarly, it’s advised that you service your generator prior to storm season so that you’re optimally prepared. Let’s discuss tips for maintaining your generator.

When a generator fails, cherished keepsakes, wine collections, and food are just some of the items that can be lost, not to mention any structural damage resulting from flooded basements and ruptured water pipes, which can further lead to damaged, wet walls and mold. Security cameras and alarms will only operate for so long on battery backup, so a regular maintenance regime and scheduled maintenance from CT Generator Service can help avoid the inconvenience and heartache of a failed generator.

Best Tips for Maintaining Your Generator

  • With the leaves beginning to fall, be sure to keep your generator’s end louvers and rear vent free from obstructions.  Proper air flow is very important to keeping the engine cool.
  • Be sure to maintain your generator’s proper oil viscosity and level, especially during an extended outage.  Every manufacturer has different maintenance intervals and oil grade requirements; for added security, keep an extra quart of oil on hand for topping off the engine during long outages.
  • The engine-starting battery is under constant charge so that it’s strong enough to start your generator when you need it most, but that constant charging shortens the life of the battery, so it should be changed every 2-3 years for increased generator dependability.
  • Generac generators have a convenience light on the ride side breaker panel door to alert you of the status of the generator – ‘green’ means the unit is ready to run, ‘yellow’ means the unit will run but is in need of service, and ‘red’ means the unit failed to start and is unable to run when needed. Any color other than green is a signal to call Esposito’s service department to schedule a service appointment.
  • A cold weather kit will help ensure that your generator starts in even the harshest conditions.
  • If you want to confirm that your generator is continuing to protect your home while you’re traveling, we have several remote monitoring options to meet your needs.

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