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We live in a world that’s reliance on technology and electronics is rapidly and undeniably growing each and every day. Whether it be your home or business, it’s important to be prepared. And while you can’t prepare for all of life’s uncertainties; you can certainly prepare for a power outage. Don’t let uncontrollable factors like bad weather, electrical failures, or a local accident leave you sitting in the dark and without options. Below are links to the Standby and Fortress series of Briggs & Stratton generators.

Briggs & Stratton Standby

17-19-20kW briggs and stratton generator

Briggs & Stratton Fortress

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We pride ourselves on our commitment to delivering only the BEST products and the BEST service possible in Connecticut. So when we recommend a Briggs & Stratton Generator; you can rest assured you’re making the right choice and for all the right reasons.

With a Briggs & Stratton automatic home generator, you can rely on your lights, home appliances, air conditioner, TVs or computers to stay on during a power outage. Standby generators are permanently installed and connected to your home’s natural gas line or liquid propane fuel source, and come with an automatic transfer switch.

If you have a business, keep it running during a power outage with a Briggs & Stratton Commercial Standby Generator. Commercial standby generators help eliminate downtime and lost revenue by keeping your employees working and your computer and electrical systems running. Briggs & Stratton offers a full line of Commercial Standby Generators for critical business applications during a power outage. Trust the not only the experienced staff here at CT Generator Service but the proven power experts at Briggs & Stratton for complete peace of mind.

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